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The Moonblossom Difference

Moonblossom Silk is the first online store offering high quality silk bedding products and unrivaled customer service to China’s foreign residents. Based in ZheJiang province just outside Shanghai, the company was founded in 1992 as a family-owned business called Ten Thousand Households.

In 2012, the company hired American management to oversee its development towards western quality and taste, and its Moonblossom division was born. We maintain modern facilities where the bedding products are crafted, but silkworm raising is sourced to local farmers who still use time-honored methods of sericulture. Their homes, surrounded by mulberry trees, provide the perfect environment to nurture the delicate silkworms until the cocoons are spun. Finally, the cocoons are delivered to our facility for sorting and eventually become the silky floss that goes into our products. Customers purchase directly from the producer rather than a middleman, so without retail locations, we can offer the highest quality silk at affordable prices.

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