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Welcome To Moonblossom Silk

Nanxun’s history of sericulture

The city of Nanxun, located in ZheJiang province, has a history of sericulture going back centuries due to the areas prolific mulberry trees and the local artisans passing down their skills over the vicissitudes of time. In the mid 1800’s, Shanghai developed as an international trading port and Nanxun’s sericulture skills became renowned when they won numerous awards at the 1851 World Fair in London. As a result, Nanxun had over 80 millionaires that acquired their wealth from the sericulture industry. Locals called those families golden elephants, golden buffaloes, and golden dogs.  In the historic water town today, tourists can still see remnants of this golden age of silk production within the majestic gardens and ancestral mansions.

Meet the modern silk producer

With this history in mind, the family-owned HuZhou Nanxun Ten Thousand Households Corporation was founded in 1992 and established its reputation by offering only the best quality mulberry silk floss. Now a second generation family member, Chu YongXing, has taken their reputation to a higher level.  Unlike many companies that require employees to work in a production facility, our company supports hundreds of farmers to work from their homes, giving them a sustainable lifestyle and income.

The Chinese government recognized our company in 2011 with a National Poverty Alleviation Enterprise certificate for
supporting and improving rural farmers’ livelihoods. In 2013, Chu YongXing won a national Cultural Heritage Innovation award for his collaboration with prestigious Suzhou University. Watch the video at the bottom of page for an explanation of his exciting work.

Our facilities

The Chu family home is located on the factory grounds where the family can closely manage their operations. On the property surrounding the factory is an immense, four-seasons organic garden which is used by the chef to prepare meals for family and the workers. Located within is an exhibition hall about the history of seritulture in Nanxun, along with clean, modern equipment held to the highest standards. The staffing is locally sourced so that workers can balance their working hours with much-desired family time. If you’re planning a day trip to Nanxun, you’re welcome to contact us for a tour of the facilities.

Our silk

Unlike other companies who use lower quality silk to keep prices down, Moonblossom commits to using only the best on the market, 100% mulberry silk floss. This means we use silk from a particular silkworm species that has been developed over centuries to only eat leaves from the mulberry tree. Mulberries are considered a superfood because they contain 18 amino acids and antioxidants that are beneficial to us. The mulberry leaves are no different, so when farm-raised silkworms only eat mulberry leaves, their silk floss is stronger, shinier, more flexible than the silk from wild silkworms.

You are what you eat! To further demonstrate our commitment to quality, we only use the most expensive silk floss that comes from the spring harvest. Silk can be produced all year round, but during spring the mulberry leaves are fresh and new, which equates into a better diet for the silkworms and a superior silk floss.

Our philosophy

We promote silk bedding as a healthy, 100% natural, ecofriendly option rather than as a luxury product. Thus we focus on the essential items to keep you healthy and comfortable when you sleep-pillows, pillowcases, and duvets. Selling pillowcases individually rather than with sets of matching or decorative sheets keeps them within affordable reach of most consumers. We strive to maintain a sustainable, organic lifestyle that supports rural farmers, and provide ongoing training on western standards to continuously improve our quality.

Moonblossom Silk Production

Enjoy a short video about Moonblossom Silk and how our products are made. Residents of China will need to use their VPN. Or watch on YouTube